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    How do I get my chickens to "like" me?! I'm a first time chicken owner and I have had my chicks since they were a week old. They are three and a half months old now. When they were little I knew it was important to handle them and desensitize them but I didn't want to over do it and stress them out. Now, they will come when called, follow me around and even eat out of my hand. But, when I try to pet them they run for their lives ): Is it a lost cause now that they're this old? Help...I just wanna love on my girls!!

  2. Most my chickens are that way too. Sometimes when I sit down one or three will jump up in my lap. They don't really like being held or petted though. I think maybe its the breed. Some are just friendlier than others. I really can catch mine pretty easy though. When my sons bring them in the house they really squawk and when they let them go they hop over to me and get on my shoulder. At least they know where they are safe. When I am feeding them the little ones will get around my feet because they know I won't let the older ones pick on them while they are eating. I say just keep catching and petting them. Try sitting and see if they will hop up on you. I think that's a good start. I have one little pullet that will take a nap while on me.
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    Some breeds and individuals will be 'tamer' than others, but chickens are NOT cats or dogs, and socialize their own way. Your birds are doing fine! Mary
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    Probably should add that I have 2 BR, 2 RIR, 1 Leghorn and 1 BO in case the breeds are a factor of it or anyone has experience with these breeds!
  5. Very normal Chicken behaviour...Just chickens...They really do not want to be touched, just fed.
    Before Chickens became pets, they were really just livestock. They ran around all day eating bugs and grains, laid eggs and ended up as supper. Just enjoy them as best you can. They will always be Chickens.
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    Not stupid at all. I have the same thoughts. Mine squawk when I pick them up, but I do it anyway. I hold them, talk to them and they tolerate me. When I walk to the coop they do run to greet me at the door. I figured it is just chicken behavior. We enjoy hunting for bugs together. I point the bugs out or catch them for my girls.
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    My chickens run to greet me, gather around my legs, look up and 'talk' to me. A few will even fly up and sit on my shoulder or hop on my lap, but they all get anxious when I pick them up. I still do so I can check them out good. I also want to be able to pick them up in the event that i really need to due to injury or illness, so I keep doing it even though they hate it. I will say they settle down nicely when I get them tucked up under my arm and talk to them

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    Some chickens just do not being touch,and this could just be a moody teen stage.keep trying and trying...
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    One of our BO's is extremely friendly. Spunky too. Will run over to me the minute she sees me, hoping I have a treat, and if not, expects to be petted. (All of ours are friendly, we have the most spoiled chickens.........they didn't even like the mud yesterday after it rained.)
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