Might be getting a new feathered friend!


Duck Obsessed
15 Years
Jan 17, 2009
North Eastern PA
A lady found me on facebook that has friendly pet bantam frizzle cochins. She has a black one that is super friendly, knows commands, and was hatched in July. She is a dog trainer and trains all of her birds. This hen is super sweet and quiet and perfect for me. She is asking $25 and is willing to meet me with her. What do you guys think?

I set this up for her to live in. She's going to be right next to Quacker's cage. I'm hoping they benefit from each other's company, even if it's just from being in the same room as each other. f All I have to add is a roost and she will be set.

This is what she'll be coming home to. I'm naming her Pidgey since she's a cute little bird, and the new Pokemon game is coming out in a couple days. I will post pictures as soon as I bring her home, which should be around 3pm.

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