Might have gotten wrong chickens?


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May 24, 2010
I got new chicks yesterday. I was supposed to get: 2 black australorps, 1 barred rock, 1 speckled sussex, 1 RIR, 1 silver wyandotte & 1 polish. (We had ordered a dominique, but they said they didn't send one)

We can figure out the RIR, the polish and speckled sussex. And I think the silver wyandotte.

We think, however, we got 1 BA and 1 BR and 1 bantum BR.

Here is the whole crew:

We think this is the Black Australorp?


And think this is the Barred Rock?

And that this is a bantam? We are wondering if she is a bantam because she looks very much like the one we believe to be a Barred Rock, but she is significantly smaller with very delicate and tiny legs/feet. She hasn't had any feathers come in either. Or could it be the dominique after all?

Another piled up group picture:

I appreciate any help! We really wanted 2 BA.
The two with the yellow dots on their head look like the Black Australorpe chicks I had a while ago. I have never have a Barred rock chick, so I am not sure what they look like.
Looking at the last picture:
First, you have a Golden Laced Polish right in front, has a very noticeable 'bump' on its head;
The redding buff is your RIR;
The one with the marbled looking face in the middle is your SL Wyandotte;
The other brownish one second to the right is probably the Susses and may well be a pullet with that feather development.
Of the three black ones, find the one with the rose comb and you have your Dom. Maybe the little one is just the female? or a small chick? They usually catch up if they are just small standards.
Post again in a couple of weeks if you are still unsure.
That teeny baby- the black one- isn't a BR. Look at the leg color. BR's have yellow legs with a dark wash down the front. Not sure...
Now that's impressive!

To quote Elvis:
Thank you, thank you very much.

growandresist- Where did you get them from?
That small one could be an Australorp? Some chicks have legs that turn color a bit from when they hatch until they mature. This one does seem to have dark legs though, which would mean it is not a BR. However, it looks to have a rosecomb, not a single. I am wondering if you have a Black Rosecomb there since it is a smaller chick and the leg color and the comb?
Thanks all!
A friend mother ordered them through McMurray.
Minniechickmama- maybe a silly question- but what do you mean 'rosecomb' vs a 'single'?

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