mille fleur bantam cochin project birds FS -- trios -- mid-TN


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Mar 31, 2008
Lebanon, TN
Pick your own trio or pair! You can see photos of all the birds available, here:

Birds range in age from roughly 8 months to roughly 3 months. Older birds have lower band numbers. Band numbers start with LP or LG. Simply select the birds you'd like, and let me know the band numbers of the birds you've picked.

I'm asking $40 per trio, or $30 per pair. Please PM me or send email to amazondoc @ mindspring . com .

Transport can probably be arranged in the eastern half of TN, or I will consider shipping if you send me a shipping box.
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Is it possible to get 3 pullets? *crosses fingers*
No, but there's some birds living up in MA that I wouldn't mind having (see the thread about free brabanter cockerels).....You bring em down here and you can have a trio of cochins free......
Gee if i had my license i'd take that drive in a heartbeat. I love looking at peoples places too. Well sometime in the future then! 1 year and ill be driving! Got my car awaiting in the driveway!
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