Mille Fleur colored brahma?

Russell Nash

11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Snapped a shot of this beauty and now I can't figure out what he is. I did what research I could and came up with this list:

Mille Fleur coloring
Possibly a Brahma breed
Feathered feet
Pea comb (I think)

Anybody know what he is?

mmmmmm got me here but a few question;
is this guy from one of ur cross breed of chickens
or from a farm or hatchery

I know Mille Fleur have this coloring but the comb well I have both mill fleur and Quail Antwerp Belgian inwhich have the rose type comb ,maybe you have a cross of both here

Mille Fleur is the name of a colour not a breed. When Mille Fleur is used to refer to a breed, it means the Mille Fleur Barbu D'Uccle, but this is incorrect.

From:All About Chickens

Seems to be a common misnomer.

Saw it at the zoo.​
Looks like a partridge brahma I saw some pics of on the American Brahma Club's website. Not an acceptable color according to the standard, but they are beautiful.
I couldn't care less about the standards. My first shot was just of the feathers on his back. The pattern was beautiful. I also liked how this bird just stood there and looked at my dog as she got very curious and very close.

I chose the color as mille fleur going from the sample pictures on the All About Chickens site. The partridge seemed to be a little further away, but it was my second choice.
I'm not seeing Mille Fluer anywhere on him. If you're talking about the white looks like he's molting to me. Notice how the top feathers are "sleek"? The white feathers are all puffy and wouldn't repel water meaning he's going to be growing feathers back fairly soon.

I believe he's a Partridge Brahma.

If the front of him is black or is a green sheen then Partridge Brahma. If it's the same buff/yellow coloring, then Buff Brahma.
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