Mille Fleur D'Uccle Bantam OR BB Red OEGB

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6 Years
Mar 15, 2013
North Texas
Sad sad sad. I have 2 roosters and 8 hens. I want happy hens so I know will need to rehome one of my roos inorder to havr happy hens. So with out of the 2 breeds stated are the better bird? They are only 5 wkd now and are equally awesome as far and personality and looks go so I'M having the HARDEST time deciding who's Goung to
stay and who's going to go. Help please I'm so sad!
They are both beautiful roosters. I have a d'uccle and he is very calm, sweet, and non-aggressive. OEG's, I have read can get aggressive with other roosters. However, I would wait until they grow up, and choose my favorite of the two.

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