Millie Fleur rooster has foot growth


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Sep 22, 2008
I have a mille fleur rooster that is about 10mos old and he has a round fleshie growth on the bottom of his left foot and it is pink and soft and seems to have feathers trying to grow out of it. His toes are turned in and he walks with a limp but other than that he is beautiful and healthy. Does anyone out there know what it could be?? or how to take care of it??.
His Name is Charlie and I have him and his noisey brother Chico and they have grown up together and get on well,I haven't gotten any hens yet maybe this spring.
Charlie will follow me everywhere while Chico goes about his own thing and even though Charlie has problems walking he will still follow mom.These are my first chickens and I would like to start raising the Millies and some Silkies as well.My grandmother use to have the bantems and I loved them as a child and I can't have anyother animals due to severe allergic reactions,so I am trying my chickens. Please if you know what or how to treat this I will be most thankfull.
mom of Millies Two
Did his toes always curl or just recently?

How long has he been limping?

Does it look infected?

It might be bumble foot. Also a vitamin deficiency.

I dont know about the feathers trying to grow in. Can you post a picture of it on here?

Maybe its not feathers trying to grow but an infection trying to get out?
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Come to think of it, my 2 Mille cockerals last year were both limping around. It was the feathers on their feet and they were really tender and painful. They either hardened up (the birds) or most of their long feathers on their feet broke off.and that made it feel better. After that happened they just started walking better. It was painful to watch. Birds just should't have so many feathers on their feet.

They are fine now.

I also have a bantam cochin and he has a major infection in the foot feather shafts now. I am treating it like bumblefoot and he is doing better. But I think it will be quite a while before he completely gets over it. His foot feathers don't break off, and that may be why he is having problems with them.

Let me know how he is doing. He sure sounds like a cutey, following you around like that.

I would try giving him some polivisol....3 drops a day for a week and then taper off to see if it helps the curled toes. And if it appears there is an infection starting in the foot, then I would go ahead and treat for bumblefoot.
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