Minerals for mixed flock of farm animals.


5 Years
Mar 1, 2018
Dade City, Florida
Hi everyone. Thank you for your help.
I have mixed animals together in the same pasture. One mini donkey, 3 dwarf Nigerian goats and I am planning to add 2 Sheeps, and a steer. Last two animals for food purposes.
I understand that they all require different mineral blocks? If placed together, is there an universal mineral block I can give them that will work?
Feeding time will be in separate stalls or areas so they do not eat each other’s feed. I am also providing them with sweet feed that is good for all. And hay as needed. Thank you ahead of time.
Well, first of all copper is a necessary mineral to all the farm animals you mentioned above, except sheep. Copper is like poison to them. You may have to keep them separate, or somehow get all your other animals copper w/o letting your sheep get any. Mineral blocks would be ok, but for smaller animals, mineral blocks don't always let them get as much as they need. Mineral salt is better for the smaller ones.
Thank you for your response. Question:
What if I give them all a mineral block that includes all minerals and salt in the same area and I make sure individually they are getting their copper in the feed I give them twice a day? Except for the sheep.
Yes, you could do that, however, as I said before, goats cannot get enough minerals out of a block due to their small, soft, tongues. Loose minerals are better. I would offer both free choice.

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