Mini Coop/ Brooder I use in my larger coop. Come take a look Pics

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by GallowayFarms, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. GallowayFarms

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    May 19, 2008
    I have a large coop. 10 X 20. One side is 10x8, this is the side I keep my younger chickens in.
    The ceiling is about 10' in the front and 6' in the back. So in early spring to help keep my chicks warm i built a smaller coop/brooder for the chicks to get in.

    I just got baby chicks today so I brought it to work with me today and set it up. So here are the pics. If anyone would like to build one let me know and I can email you my plans with the measurements and stuff.

    On to the pics.

    #1, The outside of the mini coop/brooder. You can see the sockets for the lights. I use 2 100w light bulds. It keeps the inside of the coop at about 90-95 degrees. When I need less heat I take a bulb out.

    #2, All my little babies. I ordered Fry Pan Specials from Meyer's hatchery for .50 a piece.
    (50 chicks)

    #3, The sides are open about 4 inches on each side of the coop. When the mini coop is in the larger coop. This gives chicks a way in and out to "cool" off if they get to hot in the mini coop. Since I have it on the table at work i closed off the sides with utility board. The holes let some ventilation into the mini coop.

    #4, Since you want the temp at chick level to be around 90 to 95ish i use a digital thermometer with a remote sensor to let me know what is going on in the mini coop without having to take the lid off. This shows the temp before I turned on the bulbs.

    #5 I hang the sensor so it is at chick level.

    #6, To hold the roofing on, I drilled holes in the frame and the roofing and use #8 nails to hold it on. I also use the nails to vent the mini coop. When it is 50 degrees in the larger coop I don't need to vent the mini coop, but it is going to be hot here today so I will need to vent it.

    #7, How do I check on the chicks when the roof is on the coop? I use a peep hole in the roof.

    #8, The view through the peep hole. (you can see the sensor hanging also)

    #9, The last two pics show the temperature readings from inside the mini coop and the outside temp. There is a switch on the top of the thermometer (It also will track the min/max tempature reading, so if you have to leave the coop during the day you can see what happened while you were gone to see if you need to add or take away bulbs or change the wattage)

    I hope you enjoyed the show.
    Let me know what you think.


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    Apr 16, 2007
    Evening Shade, AR
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