mini cows?


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Mar 19, 2007
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Okay I just read on another thread that there is such a thing,OMG. So I googled it and found some pics. So does anyone have these? If so a couple ?s

1 how is their milk production? Is 1 enough for a small family that drinks a gal a week? More when we can afford it.

2 how big do they get?

3 can they be pastured with and/ or housed with horses?

4 What all do you feed them and how much of it a day?

5 where the heck do you get one? - looking for one in Pa

6 stupid question- does the milk taste the same as out a of a regular cow?

I am soo excited, I would love to have one of these. We have been batting around the idea of a dairy goat, but honestly I am not sure I would like the milk. I would hate to spend over $100 on a dairy goat for milk realize I really don't like it and then be too attached to sell her ( which is what happens around here lol) A big cow for milking was not really feezable for us. Yet DH says one for buchering is... owe men. But maybe I could talk him into a little one if I do enough resaech on it and can show him see this is what people who have them have to say about them.

So any imput would be great!
best to start your research at

If you where asking about a specific breed of mini it would be easier. Some are bred for beef and others more for milk.

Others do well on high range forage, while others don't. AKA where a highland or dexter will thrive a hereford would starve to death.

Milk tastes the same.

temperment varies with the breed and individual breeding lines.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to get into mini's or buy decent ones.

But if you really want one I can sell you a Dexter cheap!!!!!!

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