Mini duck pond ideas


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Apr 6, 2007
My 5 duckies are getting big. They are at least 1.5 pounds at 2 1/2 weeks.

I'm gonna keep them caged until they are at least 6 weeks old. I tried
to give them a pond using this big cookie tin but they can't get in and out.

Any creative, and frugal, suggestions for a new duck owner.

They are Muscovy meat ducks so I just wanna do something basic for them
so they can enjoy themselves until we cull them.

Who am I kidding??? I love these little ducks. There is no way I'm
going to be able to eat them. Wait, did I just type that?
Get one of those plastic kiddie pools like they have at Walmart, they are about $11.88 for the big one. If it looks like they may have trouble getting in and out put a concrete cinder block beside the pool so they can hop up on it and get in and out.
I have 6 ducks and bought a 40 gallon black plastic troft from a co-op here for about $29.95 and my ducks love it. They use the cinder block to get in and out.

I use kiddie pools (until I convince my DH to dig me that pond!). Get the ones that are the hard shell kind. Or one of those big cement mixing tubs from Lowe's (about $8). I use bricks to make steps in and out of the pool. My ducks have been swimming since they were 2 weeks old. First in my sink. Then they graduated to the bathtub. Then when I put them out in the sunshine they got the wading pool. If you look around you might find one for cheap since summer is gone and most stores are out of them.
Miss Prissy.. how does it stay clean? The pond, I mean. I would love to do a pond for my girls.. they totally nastisize the kiddie pool!

yep, I made that word up because.. well, it is just gross!
A large pond is self cleaning. I don't mean a little koi fish pond. The farm pond back home is 18 acres. Here we would dig an acre or two because I only want something small.
Oh.. MissPrissy.. something small.. LOL.. that's half of my property!

I saw small pond and just ASSUMED.. lol! Koi pond.

can't dig a pond here... too many trees.. would be way too much work for 3 ducks.
We have a natural spring running next to our house, My uncle is a builder/contracter (sp) and he can dig a pond. Im not thinking very big either, like the size of my flight pen.

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