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Jan 18, 2007
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I'm looking for a companion for my 33'' gelding Big Ben.


Since his buddy Mr. Chips died last a year ago (pushed on by advanced age and Cushings) he's been alone.

I'm looking for another mini horse or even a mini donkey, in sound health and friendly. Doesn't need to be trained for anything in particular. Preferably not a stallion but we're getting pretty desperate to find him a friend before winter.

We're just west of the Twin Cities but are willing to drive almost anywhere in the state and Western Wisconsin.

I started off with 2 rescue horses years ago, Joe and Mr. Chips, both were starving and one was on his way to slaughter. They both had 10+ years of peaceful retirement here. Ben was my cousin's horse who they had to give up when they lost the house. He was a stud, we paid to have him gelded and have been caring for him ever since. For me that includes getting him a companion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi L&Schickens!

Rocky looks perfect, what a cutie! Wish we were closer.

Yeah I've been checking petfinder.
There's a mare and foal but I don't have the skills to train a foal, just doesn't seem right for me to take them.

Thanks for the replies, the search continues!
i have a pintaloosa teaser pony i'd give you. i don't know how far it is, but i could meet you halfway. that is if you don't find something closer.

here he is:
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