Mini pig gone hog wild


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Jun 10, 2010
Arnprior, Ontario
I have a 11 month old mini pot belly pig. She is so sweet but when she comes into heat she goes crazy. Jumping up on your leg, biting, crying and wont settle down. I can afford to have her spayed and I wont get rid of her. I am wondering if there is a natural remedy to give her to calm her down during this time. As it is right now we have to lock her in her crate which makes her upset. Any ideas would help.
Would raspberry leaves (mare magic) work on a pig like it's supposed to help horses. You can get raspberry leaves at a health food store for a lot less than Mare Magic at the feed store.
I dont think that there is anything that you can really do that will make any real improvment....
She just has to cycle out of it..
My girls are really mean when they are in heat also. Biting, chasing, and jumping for about 2 days. Not every heat is as bad as some.. I need to start saving for the fixing. Let us know if the rasyberry leaves help. Might even slip my daughter some.

Might even slip my daughter some


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