Mini pig piglets :-D


De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
just thought d share some photos of our new arrivals....normally this sow was not to be bred from again as she needs to get her strength up, but*somehow* the boar got to her between the walls and volia 3 months,3 weeks and 3 days later...piglets!

so Welcome to the world Phoebe's third (and final) litter of piglets....8 bundles of joy!





Pretty babies! I'm wondering about the color or pattern genetics behind the litter. My mini sow just had a litter of four. One spotted, one white, one tuxedo black and white and a black with white feet.
Mom is a white blue butt while dad is a spotted little guy. It is hard trying to find out where some of the colors are coming from without knowing the pigs lineage.
The striped piglet of yours is different looking. Do you know where that came from? I wonder if it was from a ferel pig?
Anyway, your babies are beautiful!
we've been wondering the same thing.....
my sow came with a family tree, i know her father was white with black spots so can understand the spotty ones, but the wild colour one is a mystery. i think that lies on my boars side though....we have no family history for him and are certain he has wild boar in him somewhere...he just has that look about him....
we bought him at 8 weeks old and he looked like every other gottinger mini pig we'd seen, but as he grew older his body shape and head changed, now he looks like part wild boar,
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