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Mar 23, 2014
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I though this was for mini lops? You have a mini Rex. But this is my mini lop mouse


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Mar 3, 2014

Dumb Me! well, do you know the difference between an opal and a squirrel mini rex? I think mine is a squirrel but I was told he was opal. I think he is because his underside is white
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Your rabbit is an Opal. Opal and Squirrel are both Agouti patterned colors. Rabbits with the Agouti pattern have white rings around their eyes, white on the insides of their ears, white around their nostrils and under the jaw, white between the toes, white on the belly and white undersides to their tails. Agoutis have a light colored "triangle" at the base of their ears. The hairs on their bodies have distinct bands of color; dark on the tip, then a lighter band, then (usually) a grey band closest to the skin. Blowing into the rabbit's coat makes the bands line up, almost like the rings on a target:

Opal is the dilute (blue) version of Castor.. On an Opal, the outermost band on the hairs is blue-gray, the middle band is a yellowish fawn, and the base is usually blue gray. The "triangle" on an Opal is fawn.

Squirrel is the dilute version of Chinchilla. Chins have no yellow in their coats (the rabbit whose coat is being blown into in the picture I have posted above is a Chinchilla). On a Squirrel, the outer band is blue, the middle band is white, and the base color is gray. The triangle of a Squirrel is white.

In the pictures you have posted, you can clearly see the fawn color peeking through the blue top color, and the triangle is obviously fawn. Whoever told you that he was an Opal was correct.

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