Miniature Jersey Cows, Meat?


Sep 14, 2015
Russell, Ny
Looking into purchasing a "Miniature Cow". Such as a Smaller version of the original Jersey Cow im looking into the Miniature size for my small hobby farm. We would be looking to use her for Milk and raising the calf for butcher. No Bulls only because i really dont need one when there is artificial Insemination. My question is, Are jerseys raised for meat? I know, stupid question. We do not like to eat meat from the store, specially Beef. Id rather raise my own. I do not want to do miniature Herefords.
You could theoretically butcher them. They just aren't used for meat as much because they don't yield as much. I know someone who raises jersey steers from a dairy farm and then sends them to auction to slaughter. You just wont get as much meat.
Folks here raise Jersey and Holsteins (full size) for meat all the time. The pure beef folks kind of look down on they, cause they don't have as much meat to bone ratio, but underneath they're all made of meat

We knew someone who had an oversized miniature Jersey bull who got butchered when he turned mean. I don't know the hanging weight, etc, but I know he tastes just fine, I've got some in my freezer.

Breed would depend on how much milk and meat you want. Even a mini Jersey is going to put out a lot of milk, do you need that much? Or maybe a Dexter, something more dual purpose and the calf would be meatier, as a trade off.

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