Minimum comfortable height underneath chicken coop?

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6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
I am designing a 6x8 coop with a run. I'd like to include the space underneath the coop in the run because I live in a place with heavy snow but have not decided how tall above the ground the coop needs to be. I don't want it too tall off the ground because I'll be using heavy litter and want my kids to be able to easily gather eggs (which will already be raised from the maximum litter height to help them stay clean) from the outside without a step ladder. I will be getting about 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks, and 5 Golden Sex Links.

Right now I'm planning on 18 inches of space underneath the coop. Could I get away with 12? Is 18 already too close; should I upgrade to 24?

Q: How tall are barred rocks/golden sex links from head to foot?
Q: What would you recommend is the minimum height I could get away with for raising the coop where the chickens could still be comfortable hanging under the coop during bad weather for a few hours?

Many thanks in advance!

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