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9 Years
Feb 13, 2010
North, MS
I am getting 4 Red Stars and I will be using a 10x10x6 dog kennel for there pin. What is the minimum requirements for there shelter and laying box, could I use a dog house with a laying box built next to it up off the ground, would this be enough protection from the cold? I live in north MS and the average low is around 25 degrees. Trying to get by as cheap as I can. I am up for suggestions.
Not really sure what you are asking. Minimum size for a coop? Generally recommended is 4sf per chicken in the coop, and 10sf per bird in the run. If you free range you can get by with less. A 10x10 kennel is enough space for the run. and yes you can use a dog house for the coop. Need to make sure it is secure from predators, especially at night.
Chickens can handle quite a bit of cold if they have space that is dry and draft free for them to roost in at night. 25*F is not too cold for most chickens.

Check out the coop section of BYC, you'll see lots of options for coops and runs. It will give you ideas. And it can be done inexpensively using recycled materials.

Hope this helps

Hey I bought a plastic table mat and cut slits in it about 2 inches apart and left two inches uncut at the end and then nailed it over the door and my chickens went in and out-- this helped keep out the cold air, and you can run a extention cord and plug up a small light for heat and either unplug some or put on a timer. But the main thing is the ground should not get muddy and wet-----they will get sick. I would get a much larger tarp and cover the top and 3 sides of kennel. Also I got a cleer plastic table cover and put on the front of mine so I could see inside. I left 1 foot of space from the top- so they could still get air-- I really liked that---but I now have 3 to 4 feet of snow and it fell down after a wild wind storm. I hope to fix my coop lots better for next year. I love going after work and letting them out for a few hours in my back yard- they seem to lay more eggs, and they go in at dark. Its my chicken therapy! Teresa

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