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    If you felt "well dang" Think how I felt being forced to learn two things on the same day! Now my fears of becoming to smart could come true....

    I hope your gal does not have that something more you do not need with having Marak's troubles already.

    I agree with EJB and Minnie on Ed he is just feeling his oats. There seems to be a lot of that going around. As long as the hens (and Bert) are not being abused they can do their thing....I always have jail cells if it gets out of hand. (dog kennels work well for hospital and jail.)

    And WHAT is wrong with this cycle of Global Warming?????

    I woke up to new snow again today this cannot be allowed to go on, it could hurt my coconuts.
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    I woke up to SNOW!![​IMG]

    Our roo and tom are acting a little goofy to they have started to try fight! They had always got along until it warmed up. But this is their first year so they have yet to learn just because its breeding season doesn't mean u can attack humans and each other!
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    lala- I do find that when the girls are just starting to lay or coming back into, that sometimes you will get some soft-shelled eggs. Your hen may have just laid a softy that broke before she got it pushed out and all that was left hangin' was the membrane? Those sometimes have enough calcium to get a littler harder when they get out and air hits them, which is why you may find some egg that have little puckers in them too.
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    Well, I am no expert but I believe my goose has started to set on her eggs. She has been in the barrel all morning only to come out for an drink and back she went. That is new behavior. She would never spend time in the barrel.

    I had taken 2 eggs and then a 3rd last night to encourage her to keep laying but today I figured she decided it was time to sit. I had left her 2 in the barrel so I wanted to give back the one I had taken last night since it had not been washed or refrigerated. I put the egg in front of her and she took it and put it beneath her. Hope she keeps it!

    I will have to really dive in to broody goose info today I guess.

    The ducks have started to lay eggs too! We were hoping to keep both geese and ducks laying until my brother in law's incubator opens up 1st or 2nd week of April. Since the goose is sitting we are down to ducks. I hope we can get some in the incubator and hatch some. That would really be fun!

    I was wondering about the turkeys and what I might expect with them. I wonder if she will go off and make a nest or will she stay somewhat close to the house. I was super excited to see her FINALLY accept the toms so I can be somewhat optimistic for fertile eggs! Where she will put those eggs is another matter.

    I wish I were closer to Elk River for some coffee. Sounds like one heck of a good time!!
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    My Coop

    I have the "nicest" New Hampshire Rooster...and then spring hits. I've noticed that it's about laying hens and territory with him in the spring. If I'm down at the coop he's persnickety. If he comes up to the deck...he'll let me pick him up for a cuddle. If he's walking the rail of the deck he'll take a finger off. Fickle bugger. He's a busy boy right now...with the girls picking up the pace on their egg laying.

    The Oats and Coconuts could all benefit from some warmer weather.
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    what is it with this snow? And for some reason, there hasn't been a bird to be seen all morning - which is really really weird. Usually tons of birds around. I haven't seen any shrikes or hawks either, just empty air space and empty sound!

    THanks Minniechickenmama, I'm going for it just being a new layer. I didn't know that the calcium hardens a little when it hits air, that makes total sense because the part that was still in her was definitely soft compared to the part hanging out.

    back to work
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    We had an Eagle and 2 hawks fly right above the chickens yesterday!! They go over them every day and have never killed a hen... But now I jinxed it so I should go tell my favorite hen bye. Cuz out of all 60 of them I bet u they would take my favorite...
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    I got 2 phone calls yesterday asking if I were missing a goose. I guess about 2 miles from my house there was a for sure non Canadian goose walking on the road and then later on it found a full culvert to play in. My sister in law went down to the culvert to see if they could catch it but it ran away from them. Are there any geese besides Canadian we could be seeing up here? I have not gone over there to see it for myself. I wouldn't do anything with it anyway besides leave it alone.
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    Mar 18, 2015
    Peace and Calming
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    Hello and welcome Zion 1234.
    Ralphie, I should have thought of this sooner. Last Thursday there was a loud noise in my large coop. I have individual pens, and all winter I have had a large White Chantecler rooster in a pen next to a group of Partridge Chanteclers (4 pullets and 1 rooster now that Ole has left). No problems with sold wall about 3 ft high and wire above. Well the roosters decided it was time to jump up and fight. Both were bloodied from fighting through the wire. I changed to solid wall and eliminated the fighting.
    Just goes to show that those females will cause the males to fight. Next thing I know those guys will be looking for beer to drink?
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