Minnows for a treat?


8 Years
Dec 4, 2011
Princeton, MN
It seems kind of odd to me to give minnows as a treat to my girls, but my boyfriend wants to try it. We have a bucket full of minnows left over from ice fishing and they probably won't live until next weekend. My boyfriend said "eagles eat trout, why can't a chicken eat a minnow?"
Would it be okay to give my birds minnows? Has anyone ever tried giving minnows to their hens before?
I have they love them, and none of mine have ever been negatively effected either, the ducks like them better though.
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I haven't given minnows, but we couldn't keep the hens out of the pile of heads and guts after cleaning fish. All the scraps/leftovers were fair game, too.

My dad always said chickens would eat anything that didn't eat them first!
I routinely supplement with minnows caught in my nieghbor's pond. Also they get all left over fish bait.
We trap brim and give it to them. 8-10 of them a day to 13 chickens. They love them. A liitle scary in a way to see one pick up a brim and make a growling noice.
I gave each of them three little minnows- they got two dead one and one alive one. They went nuts for them! Good and easy way to get rid of bait....
I have fed my small flock of chickens hundreds of minnows every other day for the last year or so
along with duckweed , gator grass that comes from my hand dug pond .
the eggs taste no different .

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