Miracle chick


Apr 22, 2020
West coast North America
My fingers are crossed🤞
I have 20 three day old chicks and 17 three week old and the power goes out for 20 hours then on and off (just had another short outage) luckily I have a wood stove and a big portable brooder box. When I was incubating those eggs my little crested white bantam lays her first nice size egg so I put it in the incubator, 5 days late. I didn’t think it had a chance after the 20 hour outage but early last night it pipped and it looks like it’s starting to unzip🤞
One of my favorite bantams finally layed an egg five days after I set the eggs in the incubator so I marked it added it. 20 hours no power then on and off for a day and it hatched! I’m prettty stoked. The others that are 6or 7 days old now were by the wood stove, thank gods ive got a wood stove

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