Miss Puffles, A Tribute

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Miss Puffles and Me in Petco

    Today is Miss Puffles’ birthday, well, the day I brought her home from the feed store as a chick. I remember that day, too. I had just won a Champion in showmanship and the prize was a gift certificate from Wilco in Mcminville. Iwas delighted to learn that the gift certificate included Baby Chicks. I rushed over to that isle and picked out 5 little cuties. 1 Australorp, 1 Buff Brahma, 1 Partridge rock, 1 Blue Cochin, and a tiny fluffy yellow fuzzball with fluffy little cheeks, an Ameracauna, later named Miss Puffles.

    Of all the chicks in this brood, Miss Puffles was by far the friendliest. Right from day one she demanded attention and that is what she got. She loved to cuddle. To sit on my lap. To follow me around the yard and the run. She was always by my side.

    I can recall one day getting the inclination to take miss puffles to the park with me. The local park required all animals to be on leashes.What did I do? I made her a Chicken Harness and a business was born. The people at the park were amazed to see a chicken on a leash and Miss Puffles loved all the attention. She was always a Diva.

    She also was my main Petting Chicken when I’d host petting zoos for charity events. She loved sitting on the shoulders of all the small children. She’d pose with them for pictures, take gentle treats from their hands, lie back for a stroke and a pat. She was always good with the kiddos and the kiddos got to all say they’d met a chicken today. It was a magical thing.

    Miss Puffles was also a dutiful mother. She hatched out her first brood in a basket in my bathroom. 3 little puffy cheeked fuzzballs that looked exactly like her. She was a good mother to them. Stern, but understanding. She always kept her brood in line. The little ones grew into fine young men. Strong, gentle, and just as friendly as their mother had been. They all went to loving pet homes and are all doing well to this day, or so I’m told.

    Her second winter was a hard one for her. She developed Mareks Disease, which causes paralysis of the legs. Though everyone told me there was no hope for her recovery I remained hopeful. I massaged her legs and wiped her rear. I did all of the things a good mother would do. 7 days later, she stood, taking a few shaky steps. By the 10th day she was walking on her own again. I was so happy I cried. She never laid another egg after that, though.

    Perhaps my favorite memory of Miss Puffles, and a favorite amongst the family members, involves chocolate cake.

    One day I had made a great big chocolate cake for a bake sale. I set it to cool on the counter and left to run a few errands. When I returned a few hours later the door was open and Miss Puffles was sitting on the sofa looking innocent as could be. I chuckled inwardly and went into the kitchen to frost the cake. I gasped in surprise. The entire center of the cake was gone. Miss puffles had eaten it. After my initial exasperation all I could do was laugh. My phone call explaining whay my cake couldn’t be delivered was a pretty interesting one.

    On Decmber 20th of last year Miss Puffles lost her life.

    Today would have been her 5th birthday….

    Miss Puffles, I miss you every day. You touched the hearts of everyone who met you and you were a friend to all. I am glad to have met such a wonderful being and I pray you are happy in chicken Heaven.

    Miss Puffles, 2007-2012
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    I'm sorry for you loss, Miss Puffles sounds like she was a very special hen
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    The Show-Me State

    What an adorable hen and a wonderful story!!

    I'm so sorry about your loss, but it sounds like she had a good life.
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    Planet No
    That was a wonderfully written story and what a cute hen. I am sorry you lost her, but she obviously had the most wonderful life possible.
  5. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Miss Puffles lived a charmed life. Wonderful story.

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