Missing/broken neck feathers

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    May 15, 2012
    Yesterday I noticed that one of my pullets (20 weeks old Columbian Wyandotte) has a patch on the back of her neck where it looked like the feathers had been snipped off about a half-inch from the base. She seemed uninjured otherwise - I didn't see any wound.

    I don't know of any predators that have come around lately, and can't imagine there is a predator that would get that close but not actually bite her or kill her (A hawk seems most likely to be able to sever feathers that way) so I"m wondering if another chicken did it. We have five total, and I think she's at or near the top of the pecking order.

    She's not moulting - she hasn't started to lay yet and I think she's too young to moult. What could it be? What precautions should I take or what should I watch for?
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    Other chickens could certainly have done it, particularly if you have a young roo, or a hen who is taking on the role of a roo when there is none. More space (or free range time,) increased protein or new distractions are all things that might help. It would be good if you have time to observe them and determine whether you have one bully in your flock. If you do, you can remove the bully for about a week and then reintroduce. It will then be a newcomer and at the lower end of the pecking order.

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