Missing chicken found buried in flowerbed


12 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Danvers, Massachusetts
About a month ago I saw a free range hen in a yard where chickens never go - and heard through the grapevine that a neighbors hens - free rangers- had been scattered by a fox. Since I was walking my dog at the time, the hen would not let me approach. I informed my neighbor that she had a visitor in her yard, and figured she would let the owner know.
Well, this morning, her grandson and I were checking out her flower garden, and I saw a wing sticking up out of the dirt.
Grandson investigated, and a very dead, buff orpington hen was unearthed.
My question is - what would kill a hen and jump over a three foot fence- intended to keep out rabbits- and bury a large hen in a flower bed?
I'd think anything large enough to jump or climb over the fence would just carry the hen off and eat it immediately.
The garden owner was surprised to find something that big in her flower bed , and thanked us for finding it. It was unearthed and disposed of - but that doesn't solve the mystery of how it got there, and when.
The gardener told me it wasn't there the day before, when she worked that bed, but it looked to me like it had been there for some time, and another animal had just recently uncovered the hen investigating the odor.
Any ideas???????
My only thought was a human predator, burying it there as a prank.
I'd much rather think it was some animal, but am stumped as to what creature might have done this.
We have a leash law and it is observed by all domestic dog owners in the area.
Pretty weird, I was thinking maybe some person decided that they might let their dog off the the lead, dog kills bird, owner is like 'oh sh--' and buries the bird to dispose of evidence. But it's probably a simpler explanation or the wing would've been covered.


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