Missing chicken!

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    This morning I went to open up the chicken coop. Firstly, one of the chicken was outside of the coop and stood on it own. It had no sign of injury and seemed completely fine however when I went to count the hens I only counted 18 not 19. I’m sure one has gone missing however I have looked everywhere there are no signs of it being taken away or killed. I’m super worried what should I do?
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    Welcome to BYC, and so sorry that your chicken is missing. I always count mine in the evening before locking them into their secure coop. But I have had a missing hen, and have had to go out and look in the bushes or trees for one. Usually, they were safe looking around for food the next morning if I had not found them. Once a hen never showed back up, and I am sure that she was taken by a raccoon or fox. That happened while I was having a friend housesit for me.

    Hopefully, she will show up. Just keep looking in case she has gone away looking for a tree or roost, and is in a neighboring yard. Dogs can be dangerous to an escaped chicken. Let us know if you find her, and good luck.

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