Sep 19, 2020
Hello! One of my ducklings is looking a little odd. They are all 8 days old. Her fluff looks a little strange, the fluff is a little more seperated. I think this could be so to some bigger feathers coming in. She also has a spot missing fluff on one side of her neck. It’s doesn’t look overly irritated, and I do see some little bumps that I think may be feathers coming in. I am a first time duck parent although I have had chickens for many years. The other ducklings don’t seem to be pecking at her neck, I haven’t seen it be done once.. She does seem to be preening it a bit though. I am just worried it could possibly be a skin issue. It just started a few days ago, the spot did get bigger though. I will try to take a picture of her neck it a moment. She is sleeping in a way I can’t see it right now. Thanks!

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