missing toenail


8 Years
May 30, 2011
North Carolina
hey everyone! i am new in the farm life and just got 6 chickens! they r wonderful and i wouldnt change a thing about anyone of them, but one of my Bardrock hens came home from an auction and was missing a toenail tht looked like had just poped of at the auction! it is a sore spot on her middle left toe. so we put neosporen (srry if thts not spelled right:p) on the spot and she seemed to do fine on it but now the whole leg looks swolen and painful but she has no problem running or scratching. wht do i do about it if it gets worse??????
Welcome to BYC,

I agree, some antibiotics in the water sounds like a good plan. We got tetracycline powder at Tractor Supply and it worked great! You can also post under "emergency/disease/illness" and get a whole host of information from others!

Good luck, hope it works out well!

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