misting system to cool up to 30degrees lower


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hi all,
I have been wanting to get a misting system to put at my coop for the heat of the day. I found it at K Mart,, in the garden supply/pool area.. they have the misting pipe and the extension to hook up to hose pipe. I've know they uses these for people and dogs does anyone out there use it to keep chickens cool///
its be steady in the 90's all ready its gonna be a real scorcher.. cant wait to see the summer temps.. What happened to spring?

what do people do in states that are even hotter and stay hot?

blessed be )O(
We built our coop in a shady spot.

This weekend we added shade cloth to the run.


We are having the same weather in central fl, summer heat already. It has been in the mid 90's with th heat index of 103. This is my first year with chicks so I have been reading and reading. I have shade cloth on the top and side of my run where the sun hits in the late afternoon. I have frozen water bottles laying in the run, change the water several times a day and have given them frozen veg and fruits to pick at. They really liked the frozen spinach. I have a mister but it doesn't work very well so I'll try Kmart to see if they have the misters here. Thanks to everyone for all of their info!! Deb
A mister fan is only gonna get you 30 degrees of cooling in the desert, not in SC
Not that it doesn't still do SOME good, but they are really far less efficient when the air is already very humid.

Lots of BYCers use them for their chickens, particularly in the SW.

Good luck, have fun,

the set I saw at K Mart was 24.00+ change and there was a spiral hose you could get too that was 9.00 ..

Im hopeing that between the shade of trees.. and roof..and adding the mister is will be cooler.. they just pant and pant.. ahhh and its only JUNE 1ST ....

does anyone put out a baby pool for them to stand in? wondeing if that would help keep them cool? thought too about putting like a ceiling fan out at the top of their coop/run ( used to be my Pagoda) i am fencing in with wire and then their coops on the outside to utilizes space.. I guess I would have to run a layer of wire under the fan just o make sure there are no flying accidents.? would they try that? the walls are 8-10f tall?

I am subscribing to this post in the hopes of reading more about keeping chickens cool. I have two Australorps and plan to get more. Henrietta pants more often than Bob. I have a baby swimming pool and was toying with the idea of filling it up but didn't know if the chickens would go for it.
I just received a misting system that I purchased at mistcooling.com. We put it up last night in the run around the fan we have running but like someone mentioned that it doesn't really work in humid climates. My husband was sitting in the run on a chair and found himself getting really wet quickly. We turned it off because I think after a few hours everything was just going to be soaked. I think it would work great in dry climates. We did buy a small "pet" system too that had 4 misters and put it along the fence of the outdoor run. It seems to cool only the immediate area and I'm not quite sure they are smart enough to go stand in that spot. Only time will tell.
Here in the arrid and HOT West misters help a lot. In the humid and hot South, why add to the already humid air? I would provide a fan for air movement.
I have seen the misters used in dog kennel runs here in the south.. and they are at the zoos for peple to walk under.. hummm maybe I should go ahead and be a guinei pig for it in the south.. wonder if putting it on a 15 min timer on and off would keep ground from being too wet? hummm

Hey rudi myers.. how bout keeping us up to date on the baby pool .. seams like it would help at least the heavy and heavy feathered breeds.

It nice to hear so many experiences and opinions...

smiles to all


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