Mites all over eggs!!!


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6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
My bantam want broody so I put four fertilised eggs under her in her own nest box. She has a coop and run to herself now that the others can't access.

We've had a week of her being superb but today when I got up she was standing outside the coop looking pretty sick - tail down, eyes half closed etc. She's usually noisy and a bit mad so this is very unlike her.

Checked the eggs and they're swarming in little black/red mites!!!!

I've never had mites before but the person I bought the coop off said she'd had them once but all hens/the coop had been treated. She's a mate and I remember it happening - it was years ago!

Should I treat her, disinfect the coop, chuck the eggs and start again? I can much more about my her than the eggs.

Any advice much appreciated
I would dust her with permethrin, and treat the coop as well, replacing the bedding afterwards. Then every 7 days, she should be retreated to get the mite eggs that hatch, until you see no more. Permethrin also comes in 10% liquid for spraying or dipping.
Thanks, she's off her eggs in a separate coop now. Seems a bit anaemic - mite bites? Making her a nice iron-rich liver and layers mash!

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