Mites and lice

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  1. Does anyone know how to get rid of these critters?
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    Aug 14, 2011
    seven dust will work great as i have been told, also been told to make sure to keep out of their faces and that a pillow case or some sort of bag to put the dust in then add the chicken with head sticken out and shake...i havent done it yet but i have to roos of my own to do just in case and 3 new hens and then a trio of d'uccle x silkie mixes later this month to do as well. hope this helps some what. oh i would wear a face mask to keep from breathing it in and i will also be using something over my chickens faces to help keep them from breathing it in and getting in their eyes.

    also some mix in the seven dust with sand so when they sand/dirt bathe they dust themselves with the seven dust

    also make sure you get down to the skin with it and there is a withdrawl period so you wouldnt be able to eat any eggs (i think its 24 days)
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    I've had the best results with Ivormec cattle pour-on after reading about it on here. I still use the Sevin dust for the coop. The wild birds must be dropping them in the grass or something... I was fine for a year, didn't add any birds... then the little creepy things showed up.

    I applied it with an eye dropper... two person job. One person holds the bird and moves the feathers to find skin, the other person applies the drops. I did 1 drop in each spot.. bare spot under each wing, back of the neck, and under the vent. Bugs have been gone for 3 weeks so far.

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