Mites causing an eye infection in chicken


Sep 22, 2020
I have a 4 year old hen that had mites. Both of my chickens were treated with sevin dust, also coop was completely cleaned and treated with sevin dust twice now. However one of the chickens has very small white mites crawling all over her eye which is swollen, remained shut and has drained some pus. We are cleaning the eye daily and applying antibiotic eye ointment. Started applying permethrin dust to the back of her neck today. What else can I do to treat this? And yes I know well how to clean out a dirty wound including an eye. We even are applying warm compresses daily. She seems to appreciate the treatment.
It sounds more like lice. Permethrin should treat either mites or lice. Sevin dust seems to have lost some effect against lice/mites. I have witnessed that. If the permethrin doesn’t help, and it should, you can get some ivermectin pour-on and use 0.1ml for every 2 pounds of weight on the back of the neck along the spine. Repeat in 14 days. Bedding and housing needs to be emptied and treated.

The eye can be treated twice a day with cleaning it and applying Terramycin eye ointment or plain Triple Antibiotic Ointment twice daily.
They are definitely mites, I examined them under my microscope. I know what lice look like. Like a I said the entire coop was emptied, cleaned and treated with sevin dust. New substrate was placed.
Since you still have mites on her, I would do as @Eggcessive recommended, and I would clean out the coop again, spray with a permethrin based spray, and replace all bedding/nesting materials again. Sometimes it can take multiple times at weekly intervals to get all the mites that continue to hatch. Most products kill the live mites, but not the eggs, and you have to keep treating until there are no more eggs left to hatch. I would do at least 3 times.
Do you have pictures of the hen? Generally lice are white and are the bugs that crawl around their faces.
sevin dust and frontline spray works better than all the different permethrin products.

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