Mites/Lice and Open Wounds


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Fayetteville, AR
One of our girls escaped and was injured by the dogs next door. She's been hanging out in a kennel in the garage since then, recuperating. She'll go back with the others once all her skin grows back. In the mean time, she's caught some kind of mites/lice. We saw them today, hundreds of the nasty little things, when we were checking on her wound. We feed and keep our chickens organic, and would like to avoid pesticides. I was told DE and a bath in dish detergent were the best bets for organic mite/lice control, but I'm not sure how to do that while she's got an open wound. It's healing up nicely, but it's still 2"x3", and the most recent scab fell off, leaving it open. How can I treat her, or should I leave her with the pests until her wound closes up?
So sorry. I'd give her relief from lice/mites as soon as poss. Her imun. sys is already stressed from injuries. What about Dial soap? It's a antibiotic soap told to use it after surgery. Good Luck
I also recommend you use sevin on her and soon. You should treat all of your other birds too as well as their coop, roosting areas and nesting areas. Mite populations are exploding this time of the year and quickly get out of control. Since they live a lot of the time OFF the bird, you need to do an all out attack on them asap.
I'd go with NuSTock...only ingredients are pine tar, mineral oil and sulfur. Will work for the wound, the mites and the feather regrowth all at the same time. You can find it at your local feedstore or Tractor Supply or even order online. I have found it to be amazing and kills mites with the first application....and no harmful chemicals to be absorbed into your chicken.
While I appreciate the advice about treating absolutely everything in Sevin, it's really not appropriate for the situation. The hen in question hasn't been in the coop in weeks, and the other hens are mite-free. I suppose I'll be making a trip to the feedstore to see if they have NuSTock, and not asking any more questions when keeping pesticides off our hens is so important to our operation.
I have a hen with lice and have treated her with Sevin. She has an open wound under her wing from the infestation of lice and is doing porrly. I've separated her from the flock and brought her in the house. Should I leave the wound alone or can someone suggest a treatment? Otherwise I plan to just help her immune system improve.

Thanks for any advice.
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