MITES: procedure for DE and a small amount of Permethrin Powder Mite control

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    Apr 10, 2012
    I watched a youtube of dusting birds in a sack to rid them of mites.... so i did a liberal amount of DE in the sack... then a small amount of Permethrin Powder also... dusted each in the bag...worked well. ASLO I cleanded out the coop and hen house.... burned all the bedding ...nest boxes clearded out too... well i took my shop vac...reversed the air flow to blow out...put on my mask(a good one) and then blew the DE and small amount of Permethrin Powder ....this created a cloud of epic thickness.... but the result was every nook and cranny was covered in a nice fine dusing of the DE/Permethrin Powder combo...spiders and earwigs were dropping...mites beware. I did the same in the run(all birds I have sand..DE/Permethrin Powder raked into the sand...then shop vac's until another cloud ensued. I have just found the DE and the Permethrin Powder so fine its hard to distribute.....well I found a solution.

    Give it a try....but wear a goooood mask...not just a dust mask.
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