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Jul 14, 2017
I hope I am not bringing up an already-discussed topic. I need help with getting rid of mites in my flock, I have 19 hens and a rooster, and 10 quails in a separate coop. Most are different colors of Brahma and a few New Hampshire reds and a few Ausralorps. I had a mite infestation that took the life of one of my hens. I have sprayed their coop and run with Permethrin (1 to 20) and dusted them all with Permethrin powder 3 times 8 and 10 days apart, things have improved, they started laying again (in middle of winter), and eating more, but the mites are still around and sometimes I feel them on me. Please help. I live in Northern California.


6 Years
Mar 2, 2013
Davie, Fl
7 Dust, found at Home Depot in a Red/Yellow can, it's for vegetables. Shake it on the back liberally and work it in a little bit then move to the next, don't be shy about using it. Their shaking and fluffing should dust the coop for you. Do this asap as mites hurt, they have a bite like an Alligator. It will work fast and your birds will be thankful. Around here they sometimes come in the hot humid summer months. Even if you diagnosed the wrong pest the 7 Dust should take care of it quickly.. I always have some on hand.

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