Mixed 9 Week Old Chicks- Vermont

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    Sep 5, 2008
    I have a great selection, some pullets, some cockerels.

    Pullets are mixed breeds from laying stock and bred to produce fancy eggs. All will be brown or colored shell layers and are large fowl. Some are cuckoo marans x black giant, some are BR x leghorn, some are BC marans crosses and welsummer and ameraucana crosses. Some ameraucana x BC marans. All are sweet, curious, friendly and very healthy.

    I have one purebred blue ameraucana cockerel and a French BC marans (feathered shanks) and both are very nice quality birds and would compliment anyone's breeding program. Also a 'free' golden cuckoo marans cockerel who has a crooked leg. He gets around fine but the crooked leg is obvious. He will have awesome adult color. If you want all cockerels for a meat project I can do a better deal. These will all be burly, large bodied boys.

    These birds are all $15 each or 7 for $100. I am near Montpelier, email or PM if interested.

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