Mixed features - can you please help?


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Oct 9, 2015
New Zealand
I have a leghorn crossed with an araucana. Unfortunately out of the 5 hatched eggs only this one

made it with female features. The rest woke us up with crowing at various stages and had very obvious combs and wattyls and with one he had long tail feathers. This one is very quiet but is a bit curious and will get as high up as possible to check out the view. She has rounded saddle feathers and a light small comb for a 15 week old. All indicators tell me that she is a pullet but the tail feathers make me slightly concerned. She also does a silent crow in the evening. Is it a yawn? Maybe. Can you please tell me your thoughts on her gender.

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Mar 19, 2011
NW Oregon
Beautiful bird, maybe something topknot also mixed in, can you get a full body sideways pic of it? Does it try to fight the roosters?

Crest comes from the fact that this is probably Australian standard Araucana as OP is in New Zealand. My understanding is that the Australian SOP for Araucana requires tails, beards/muffs, ear tufts, and small crests.

I'm thinking pullet...15 weeks...small comb though red...feathers look pullet.

My hybrids mature more quickly than my pure breeds...so right now I'm saying pullet.


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