Mixed flock crossed with Dark Brahma Roo

Sep 10, 2021
Good morning y'all,

Question from a new flock Mom:
I will be crossing Dark Brahma Roo with the following (all hatchery chicks):
Black Copper Marans
Barred Rock
Easter Egger
Golden Buff
Buff Braham
Lavender Orpington
Columbian Wyandotte

First of all, are hatchery chicks guaranteed purebred?
I know I'll be creating hybrid chickens, but does that cause issues or eliminate some, as it does in dog breeding? Also, will all these hybrid chicks increase in size, as Brahmas are large chickens?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Not all hatchery bred chicks are purebred. Breeding your hens with a Dark Brahma rooster may very well result in hybrid vigor and should increase the size of the offspring somewhat.
Sep 10, 2021
Thanks, I wondered if the feathered feet and size would be a dominant genetic trait passed on crossing with a Brahma Roo.
I'm looking forward to the new chicks and seeing how these new chicks will look.

Are hybrid chicks more hardy having less health issues, or are chickens just chickens and they all are susceptible to diseases and health problems the same as purebred chickens?
Dogs can have health issues bred out or in to them with the proper genetics. Just wondering if it is the same here?

Thanks 😊

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