Mixing 3 Week old Chicks with 3 day old?


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Feb 23, 2010
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We have got 16 chicks that are about 3 weeks old, and we just picked up 10 more that are very young, look to be just a few days old. Our brooder is plenty big to support the 26 total, but is there any danger in mixing the chicks with such a size disparity?

I have 2 chicks. One is 3 weeks today the other is around 1 week. I put the young one in when it was a few days old and they are perfectly fine. The little one actually gets UNDER my 3 week old and sleeps under her like she is a momma. I don't think it is recommended but mine were fine. Wait for the more knowledgeable folks to chime in.
I did it... 4 columbians now 3.5 weeks old... added 3 silkies and 2 foyoumi 1 week old... the foyoumis are pretty bossy even as babies but they were all lined up on their perch last night!
I mixed 2 week old silkies with just arrived from the feed store EEs 2 and Barred Rocks 2.. the first night the BRs looked a little wobbley but the next day looked much better so i put them in a new bigger brooder with the silkies. I think it went so well due to the silkies being in a new place. Guess they thought the new chicks came with the new home LOL

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