Mixing ages.

Blue Man Dan.

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Jan 19, 2010
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(meat birds - Indian Game and Light Sussex,)

for example, If i had 6 hens / cocks at 15 weeks and i added 6 hens / cocks that were 6 weeks old what would happen? would i have to mix them later or not at all?



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Apr 14, 2007
I have 5 hens that are 18months old, I have two pullets that are 16weeks old and I have 11 chicks that are around 12 weeks.. I finally added the two 16week olds to the older girls but I would never add the 12 weeks in the mix.. I want them to be almost as large as the big girls..

If you have lots of room, lots of hiding places for the little ones, lots of different feeding/water stations it might work... BUT you should really keep a close eye on them. There have been lots of people saying they had them pecked to death. when they added chicks to the coop..

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