Mixing Bantams and Large Chickens


9 Years
Jan 26, 2011
Is it okay to have bantam hens and large hens run together on a daily basis? In particular the following breeds: Standard sized Barred Rocks, with Polish, Mille Fleur d'Uccles, and maybe Silkies. I'm talking "in general" for these breeds as I realize there may be certain individuals in any breed who don't fit the general personality for that particular breed. Thanks.
Just bumping this up for an answer hopefully, and to add another question: Are any of the breeds I mentioned in my original post good at flying or would they be okay with a 6' fenced run? Thanks!
My friend has been able to mix their bantams with their standard flock. I was not to fortunate though, I think raising everyone together from little chicks would be the best way to make sure they all get along. My bantams I introduced after the standards were already full grown, and they kept picking on them to a point one died and one had a broken wing.
But like I said my friend was able to mix her's just fine so it must just be what kind of personalities your chickens have.
I'm trying to do the same thing. My older chickens run after and peck my two bantams so I am not able to integrate them, yet. Someone suggested putting fencing between the two groups so the older, larger hens can see the smaller, newer hens daily and get used to them. Also, to put some treats right on the fencing line so they could eat together, but still have the protection for the batams.
Most do great when they mixed, just need to be careful if u have standard roos. They can hurt the banty hens. Some leave them alone, others really hurt the hens... Just kind of up to u and ur birds...

Good Luck!!!
I think if the banties are there first and the LF are added as older chicks it helps.
Of course, that may not be possible...I agree that raising them together as chicks is the way to go. My little banty leghorn chick would run between the legs of the larger LF SS chicks she was brooded with.

My Banty Leghorn is quite a good flyer. I would advice some sort of hawk protection, I've seen hawks eyeing my girls several times, they are completely fenced though.
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I am hatching some Banties now. I use 8ft dog pens as my run. I was going to add a section alongside the existing run so the banties and the full size chickens and see each other for a while before I let them mix. I let my flock free range during the day and thought this method help the youngins learn how to come home at night too.

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