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    Mar 25, 2009
    hi there. im somewhat of a newbie at this chicken thing, ive had chickens before but am not sure about this topic. im picking up several day olds and they are going to be quite an assortment of breeds... my question is this: when these chicks are old enough to be out of the brooder what is the best way to introduce these babies to my current year old ladies in the coop?
    is there an easy/effective way to introduce another hen to my coop without causing too much drama?
    i was told that introducing newbies to the coop at night is a good effective way...
    any good ideas?
    Thanks and Happy Easter!

    OH! almost forgot to ask... could anyone recommend some nice breeds that lay brown eggs? i want pets more than i want egg machines but wouldn't mind getting a couple nice brown eggs now and then [​IMG]
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    When they are 15 to 16 weeks old they should be old enough to introduce to the rest of the flock. If you can have them in a nearby pen for a week or so before that will also help.

    Putting them on the roosts at night is a good idea.

    As for nice breeds that lay brown eggs. Red or Black Sex links, Buff Orps, RIR, BR...
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    Mar 25, 2009
    thanks a bunch!! really appreciate the advice...
    i have a couple mutts right now, they are my babies.

    im looking to get a couple RIRs, some BOs, BRs, EEs, and if i can find a sussex or two that would be great.
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    I agree with Mahonri. Some folks partition off part of their coop with chicken wire so that the older chickens can see the youngins but not get to them. That way they gradually adjust to the presence of the little ones.
    I have a very gentle flock of LF brahmas. Their eggs reach only reach medium size, but they are good about laying all year round.
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    Against the advise of several more experienced flock owners, I was able to add a 2 day old RIR to a my current flock of 2 week old RIR, BO, and BR. I didn't have the facilities to have two different places to house my girls. I separated her by chicken wire for 2 days in the water trough/brooder that held everyone else, so they could see her but not "get to her". On day 2 I was surprised to find that a couple of more athletic girls had figured out a way to get on her side of the brooder and were quietly sleeping with her. I kept a close eye on everyone for several days to watch for maltreatment etc. and everything was just fine. I don't think it is common to have that kind of luck with trying to integrate a new chick, but it worked for me. I did not have any roosters so that was probably helpful and your current flock is older than my girls so just watch everyone for a week for pecking etc and listen to those here who are more experienced. Good luck to you and all of your new chickens.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    P.S. My girls are now 10 weeks old and I love, love, love the buff Orpingtons. They are all so friendly and cuddly. I think you would like them too and they are supposed to be great winter layers of brown eggs.
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