Mixing breeds what color egg will i get


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
might be buying some hatching eggs and have decided to try to get some mutt chickens i love the neat color combos i see. Roos are pure RiR, BR and i think buff orp. Hens will be blue white and brown egg layers. EE, BR, and Califorina White to name a few. So i know i will end up with some brown egg layers but what do you get when you mix brown egg layer roo with tinted eggs or white eggs hens. Would love to get some white eggs or tinted. I know i can look at there ear lobs. So what color will the chciks ear color be mixed with a red and white ear lob guessing pink right?
I hatched some Delaweggers..... Delaware cock over Easter Egger hen. The female chicks lay blue-green eggs. Actually, the mama laid pale green, the Del was from a brown-tan egg, and the Delawegger's egg is more blue than green.
I have a Mille Fleur leghorn roo. The MF leghorn hen lays an off white egg.
He was mated to a variety of brown laying hens. The offspring lay a pale beige egg. Their earlobes range from red to white. Mostly, white with a red edge.
He also, was mated to an EE that laid a pretty mint green egg. His EE offspring lays a really pale green egg. I usually have to hold it next to something white to be sure it has a hint of green.
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