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  1. I bought 3 swedish blue ducklings last week from the feed store. (2 females, 1 male). I actually went to get runners, but the store was out, and these guys were SO cute! Anyway, the feed store will have runners again tomorrow, and I'll probably go get a few little females. My question is, will they be okay just sticking them in with the older Blue Swedish? I realize there isn't a huge age difference, but the Swedes are getting HUGE already. Any thoughts?
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    If you stick them in together you'll know very quickly if it's going to work or not. It helps if you introduce a new group that is at least as big or bigger then the old group. If they're not getting along, separate them by something through which they can see, smell, and hear each other (chicken wire, window screen, etc.) so that they can get used to each other. Chances are after a day or two they'll be fine.
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    I have two Indian Runners (one 5 week old, one 3 week old) in with three Call ducklings (all 6 weeks old) right now and they all get along fantastically. The oldest Runner was a solo hatch, and I introduced one Call duckling to her at about 3 days old (she was scared to death of it for the first few hours, then they were best pals), I added two more Call duckling from the same clutch after another 3 or 4 days, and then when they were all about 2-3 weeks old I put in another lonely Runner duckling - the rest of that clutch had been sold, and she was the "spare". I was surprised that the older ducklings took her in immediately.

    Usually though, I've also found that it's better if there are more ducklings in the younger group than in the older group...otherwise the older ones tend to be bullies.
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