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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by warmfuzzyfeelings, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Jul 23, 2011
    I'm new to keeping birds and have had two (three until a couple of weeks ago [​IMG] ) Egyptian fayoumis since July. They are funny characters and I love them but they have yet to lay any eggs. We've been discussing getting a couple more birds partly show them how it's done and also so they can keep each other warmer in winter. We were thinking about getting a couple of rescue chickens.
    However I've always wanted ducks and am wondering whether a couple of ducks could be added to the fayoumis coop without drama for all concerned? The fayoumis have a run which is 4mx4m but I would want the ducks to be freeroaming all over the garden (to help with our organic vegetable growing!). The run has a net over it too as the fayoumis are fond of going upwards and trying to escape. The garden is quite big and we have room for a small pond. My questions are really - would we need a separate coop for the ducks? Would they need a run at all? And how could we keep the fayoumis contained while allowing the ducks their freedom if they can share?
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    You can mix them but your chickens probably will not appreciate it. Your space would be fine but the ducks will make a mess of any water in the pen. The ducks don't need a run if they are able to forage during the day but just like chickens, need a safe night house. If you are able to provide a section for the ducks in the coop and have water available to the chickens that is out of the reach of the ducks you could be okay. They will most likely not snuggle up together, mine REALLY dislike the other species. With some forethought, it is possible.

    Ducks will destroy plants that are young or not very hardy. Think eating what they can reach and deciding that your flower/veggie bed is a great spot for a nap on top of the plants.
    You will want to be able to keep them out of seedlings and tender plants.

    Ducks are basically pigs with feathers and chickens want/need dry areas. [​IMG]

    Good luck.

    Also, you may want to consider getting some chickens known to be layers. [​IMG]
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    I have to agree that ducks are basically pigs with feathers. I have ducks and chickens that free range together during the day, but each have their separate secure place at night. As the other poster mentioned - I've never seen them snuggle together - they pretty much ignore/tolerate each other. I did get some baby ducks this Spring and the hatchery added 5 little roos as packing peanuts. Those little chicks loved the ducks, would sleep on their backs and cry when we took the ducks out of the brooder for a swim. However, we couldn't keep 5 roos and eventually had to rehome them.
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    My ducks and my chickens live together. They have a large 20 x 60 run though, with the kiddie pool at the opposite end from the coop. I also don't keep food and water available in the coop to help cut down on messes. It's pretty convenient for me, since the ducks lay in the nestboxes and I don't have to go searching somewhere else for their eggs.
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    I added my 4 hens to the pallet duckhouse by putting roosts up high. I also have a separate waterer - and I just lowered it to get the chickens to use it. I have 2 auto-waterers, sand in the bottom and hay that gets changed. Ducks are hogs. I wish I had a chicken coop, but this seems to work.

    My chickens dominate and will run the silly ducks out of their space whenever annoyed.



    The ducks load up their auto-waterer with sand to be dumped daily.


    I wasn't planning on putting the chickens in, but Buffy demanded it the moment the house was finished. The chickens always seemed to like it better than the ducks.

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    I must be lucky. I house my chickens (7) , guineas (3), ducks (5) and geese (4) all together w/o any problems. My guineas roost up high, my chickens have a lower roost and my ducks and geese just hunker down. On occasion I'll have a chicken sleep next to one of the ducks. I have one feeder and one waterer and everything seems to be fine so far. [​IMG]

    I've added a duck and a rooster to the mix w/o any problems. My one gander doesn't like my mallards so I just lock them in a smaller coop w/in the coop.

    In the other pen I have 6 chickens and 2 ducks and again no problems.

    For the most part they all graze together as well. When my geese bite my chickens it reminds me of a cat and dog playing. It is more of a soft bite vs. a mean one.
  7. grasspack

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Deering NH

    I am lucky too. I have 15 hens, 6 ducks and 5 geese. They all live in my barn and free range in a huge pasture during the day. They have all found their own little "space" within the barn and everyone gets along fine. The ducks are by the far the messier of the crew, but I love them to pieces. My ducks and hens all lay in the same nests, so that is convienent. I think they all actually enjoy each others company. And the whenever the geese start hollering about the something, the chickens run for cover. So, I think they offer a little protection to the smaller species. Anyhow...I love my mixed barnyard of critters. My barn kitty even sleeps in the chicken coop and they love her:)
  8. QuackerJackFarms

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    Jun 26, 2011
    Well, I guess I'll be the Debbie Downer. My ducks and chickens do nothing but attack each other when put together. (which I never do anymore..) I have a drake that attacks one of the chickens by grabbing her wings and not letting go. (feathers everywhere) And I have a chicken that pecks on the female mallard's heads.

    I am envious of all the harmonious stories of chicky duck love. I wish mine loved each other too. When they were little they did.. but now, not so much.
  9. m.kitchengirl

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    Jun 4, 2011
    I tried housing my ducks & chickens together while I finished construction on my duck enclosure.
    That lasted 2 full days.
    It took me longer to clean the chicken coop than it takes me to clean the duck house & chicken coop now.

    I think you will find a pretty even mix of answers to this topic. It just depends on your set up, your chickens, and your goals/ideas about housing and care.

    There is no "wrong" answer.

    I will say, my chickens bullied my ducklings terribly. Lately the 2 new ducklings are giving the chickens no chance to bully anyone, but I think it is only because they FINALLY realized, hey, we're bigger than these chickens now.

    Everyone gangs up on the poor cat. He wants to be friends, but they just chase him around the yard.
  10. MarieNC

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    May 10, 2010
    I have 6 chickens and 4 ducks and I let them wander around their fenced in yard together and they get along fine. They have separate sleeping quarters, though. When the ducks were about three months old and their enclosure wasn't finishsed yet, (they're a year younger than the chickens), I put let them in with the chickens in their coop/run and sometimes the chickens would chase the ducks, sometimes the ducks would chase the chickens. They're better off only interacting with one another infrequently and there is plenty of room for them to get away from one another.

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