Mixing Hen Scratch with Flock Raiser? Safe For 12 week old?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1234duck, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. 1234duck

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    Since its cold now is it ok to mix "Hen Scratch"(corn & a couple other things) with the feed like... Flock Raiser Crumbles and Layena Pellet mix? ~ I am feeding flock raiser crumbles to my newest babies they are 12 weeks old and free range(grass,bugs,mud) and i feed them grated veggies sometimes.}}} Is this ok and healthy? The Layena is fed to my adult ducks along with some veggies. I want to feed healthy but wasn't sure if the 12 week olds would choke on the corn pieces in the hen scratch. Thanks, ~Julie~
  2. Miss Lydia

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    Quote:I just started mixing some 7way scratch with my FR pellets and my duckling is 17 weeks. I mix 50lb. of scratch with 100lb. of FR.
  3. 1234duck

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    so my 12 week olds are fine with it too? i guess i worry a lot about what they ALL eat just dont want them to choke.. Thanks, ~Julie~
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    What is the purpose of feeding scratch? Is it cheaper than feed and therefore stretches the food out?
  5. 1234duck

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    Thank you Miss Lydia... I just "Reread" your response. lol (I can mix & it's okay for my 12 week olds). ~ Scratch is what i use for the chickens & i was feeding that to the ducks till i found out that its more of a treat(the corn) and you don't want too much corn in the summer days b/c it makes them hotter? and i "think" it's fattening can't remember. lol yikes...something like that. ~Julie~
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    Jul 7, 2011
    Scratch is a low protein food and, if they eat too much of it, will make them lay less. It will unbalance the ration that is properly balanced in terms of fat/protein/starch in their regular laying or flock raiser food. Otherwise, some during the winter might be a good idea. I wouldn't feed them as much as 1/3 scratch though, at 12 weeks they aren't fully mature.
  7. 1234duck

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    hummm.. do you think i should "forget the scratch" being added in the flock raiser for my 12 week olds? Thank you, ~Julie~
  8. Miss Lydia

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    Quote:I waited till my drake duckling was 16 weeks before mixing, Mixing 100x50lbs. means they aren't getting alot of corn but there is other nutreints in this 7 way that I buy. I would like to be able to feed straight FR and did till it went to 17.95 for 50lbs. now I need to stretch it a bit. Mine also free range and get mealworms and fresh veggies when available. I also add oatmeal and Boss in the mix. They all look very healthy and act healthy, Some people have been forced to part with their flock or part of their flock and I don't want to do that, they are my pets and I enjoy them very much so will try to give them the best feed and still be able to keep them all. [​IMG]
    maybe wait till they are 16 weeks before mixing.

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