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Nov 6, 2009
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I hope I posted this in the right spot. I was wondering what thoughts were on mixing a Silkie with an EE. This would strictly be for my own backyard flock, and probably just a few eggs/chicks. I would be hatching the eggs in an incubator, since I would need to vaccinated them against Marek's disease ( I have it on my property). I really like the looks and personality of EE's, my one hen in particular, plus the looks and personality of the Silkies, and thought that it would be a neat mix. I have never bred chickens before, and right now this is just an idea I am toying with. I don't even have the Silkie roo yet, though I plan on getting some Silkies soon, regardless. I have heard that it is hard to hatch Silkie eggs, and with the EE being a hybrid, not sure how that factors in. Would it be a very successfull breeding with these breeds, with a good chance of fertile eggs? Thanks for any advice!
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Sounds like a good idea to me. right now I am breeding a frizzle cochin to a silkie roo should be cool looking. I hope it works out keep your fingers crossed.
I figured it's got to be possible to mix a Silkie with something, since my roo is a Silkie mix (not sure what his is mixed with, got him from the neighbors) just not sure about the EE part. She is sooooooo sweet though, I would love to get some babies from her if possible.
I have some silke ee mixes running around they are cute. silkies aren't hard to hatch but sometimes they have fertility issues due to all that fluff

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