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Jul 2, 2019
Smith County TN
Good evening everyone 😊

I think you're doing amazingly well Grammy.
Thank you MJ, I really don't like having to depend on others for everything and so I just make sure to do what I'm told during therapy😉 I know it will take time and some things in my life will be changed going forward, but that's okay.

Hi Bob :frow you've caught me just in time, I'm about to open a book and slow myself down for the night. Enjoy your Thursday!
Good evening MJ :frow enjoy your book and have a good rest 😴

BY Bob

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Jan 1, 2016
Hershey, PA
I definitely need an eye roll emoji on some of these threads! 🙄 Hard to believe we're supposed to share a common language!
There are times. I was honestly very confused by what @MaryJanet was saying. You can imagine why. How would 2 of those keep you warm?!

It's things like this that cause me to say I speak American not English.


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Aug 20, 2015
Smith County, TN
I would love to see video of that so I could show Mrs BY Bob. I remember how impressive that was from my youth.
Unfortunately, I've never captured it on video. Last time I saw them do it, it was in response to a hawk diving. Imagine 4 -12 pound birds taking flight to meet a 3 1/2 pound hawk. The hawk turned tail and flew away.

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