Mod of water design!!! PROPS TO MONK!!


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Apr 29, 2010
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I was looking at the page Monk had and they had a great Idea for a water dispenser. Only problem was you have to fill it up Horizontally. Well I came up with a solution to that. It was kinda easy too. Just get an adapter to fit over the bottom u shape PVC ( 1 that has threads on it.) and get a screw on cap. Once these are in place you can put the screw cap on, fill the waterer vertically and then put the cap on the top and remove the screw cap and you can have as much water as you will need. I made mine for the run about 3 feet high it hold over 1 1/2 gallons of water. I then modified another for the inside of the coop..... Once again Thanks Monk!!!!! I am always trying to reinvent the wheel. Next is the feeder. Try it.


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That's a great idea! I've always hated waterers that you have to tip over or fill in a weird way. This really is a pretty ingenious solution to the problem... cap the bottom, remove cap from top, fill, replace top, remove bottom!

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