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Dec 30, 2008
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i dont know really but they keep messing around in the nest boxes i go in there to collect my 2 eggs lol i got 1 today and none yesterday and for about the past week and a half the nest boxes are all messy like all the chips are scraped around and either its like a crater hit the middle clairese has one nest box that she lays in and shes the only one that lays there and then star she lays at the bottom one under clairese then i got a really white egg but has a cream tint to it and it was in stars nest box and at first i thought it was clairese but since i blow out the first eggs i get and i compaired it to claireses first egg and it was the same side and alot lighter in color so i was like i dont think this is clair's and now im getting a big egg from noodle my ameraucana/silkie mix from her 2 nest boxes down from star but then i got another cream small egg in noodles nest box thought the same thing but this time it was light cream and white flecks so im not sure if i have a new layer or what but ive got 3 squatters my barred rocks and my black australorp and the austalorp measures more than 4 fingers but im just not sure and advice and help would be great sorry about the longness im just so confused and i hope there egg bound?
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i dont mean to be mean but.... learn how to use a period (.).... haha, sorry...but i cant help you...
i dont think punctuation really has anything to do with it you dont have to have a period or a question mark to read something and maybe make a comment on it and the question behind the whole thing is does this describe what chickens do when they are about to lay its simple and punctuating it doent make a difference not really anyways and it doent make me eliterate i just want the overal question answered and no punctuation added and i dont take it in a offencive way i just dont like being corrected again and again for a simple thing like (.) that i appricate your concern in this thanks
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and if a moderator reads this will you please close this so people wont have a problem with my no punctuation after i had already explained myself thank you and i appricate it
I think that just sounds like normal laying to me. Is your worry that one chicken is egg bound? From what you were describing, it sounds like you have several different chickens who are laying in several different boxes.

I haven't had chickens for that long, but I think that they are not averse to changing their laying box.

I think that if a chicken is egg bound, they would be showing some symptoms? Maybe panting? Or acting listless? Perhaps you could do a search under eggbound and see what comes up?

For what its worth, I hope that helps.
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