Modern Bantams anyone?

Aren't they lovely birds...well I am still searching for someone willing to sell a pair or two in Canada. As shipping from the states would kill me...can you believe that it is $100 per chick to get it might be the way I have to go.
We have 5 (2roos,3hens) modern Game Bantams and LOVE them to death!! Great Breed!! Ours are like little dogs and follow us everywhere and come when called. They think they are the BIGGEST thing around!
I will upload pictures in the morning. We have birchen and Red breasted.
Willow (Rooster, non dubbed), Sillow, Filow, Milow (Rooster, dubbed), and Kylow.

For being really popular at shows, this is a hard breed to find breeders, eggs, chicks, birds, any thing for sale. They are truly an AMAING breed!!
They think they are larger than life, and try to challange the Malays through the pen. haha its too cute!

I'm so glad someone started a thread for the Moderns! SO we can share the wealth!!

Cant wait to see everyones Moderns!!

It will be great to have somewhere to see eggs and such avaliable for these great little guys!

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